Equinox Reading Special!

Equinox Reading Special!


Where does your life feel out of Balance?

What have you been cultivating that is ready to bear fruit?

Where are your old patterns now ready for you to reclaim your energy for glorious manifestation?


It is Equinox, a time when the Earth demonstrates perfect Balance between dark and light. It is wonderful moment when you can claim that dynamic sense of Balance in every area of your life. When you are in Balance, life is happier on every level.

Together in this reading, we will ask questions and explore with the Archangels to bring forth more Balance and Clarity for your life in the time ahead.

This special reading will…

  • assist you to be more excited about a world of infinite possibilities
  • give you insights about how to create a happier life
  • help you to stay anchored during massive change
  • bring you more hope in a benevolent future
  • encourage lasting change by opening new pathways for your life

Offer good through September 21.

30 minutes for only $75.00

Equinox Reading
Equinox Reading
To schedule your session, contact Shanta at shanta@shantagabriel.com
Price: $75.00

To read more about Balance, see Archangel Gabriel’s recent message linked below.

Archangel Gabriel about Balance


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