Welcome to Day 3 of your dedicated spiritual practice. There was so much sweetness in my early morning practice today. I could feel the commitment in your hearts and the focus on your spirit. It is a very precious gift for me to share this spiritual time with you.

I am including the photograph of Mt. Shasta that I took on Sunday. I went up the mountain to where the road is closed to the last 6000 feet leading to the top of the mountain. I wanted to go out with my snow shoes before all the snow melted so I gave myself a very beautiful outing. As you can see the conditions were nearly perfect in clarity. I did not see any of the wings in the sky until after I took the photo. It was warm but the snow had not melted. There was no wind and it was amazing comfortable. I got some good exercise and breathed very pure air. It was a lovely gift to give myself.

I am sharing this image of Mt. Shasta with you because all that we do on a spiritual level is being grounded through her presence. Mt. Shasta is acting as the Base Chakra of the Earth and is responsible for grounding the 5D frequencies into the crystalline grid to aid the ascension of all humanity into divine consciousness.

We can bring our outdated beliefs and patterns to the mountain and it will become compost for the new Earth awakening. Mt Shasta is a true blessing and is considered one of the 10 sacred mountains on the planet. I hope you will be able to visit some day.

If you want to visit on the Solstice June 21, be aware that the town is busy and can be booked up at that time. Kelly Beard our Circle astrologer is planning to be here for that event, so let us know if you are being called. We will make Solstice very special.

Speaking of Kelly Beard, we are having an Equinox Teleconference on Monday, March 20 at 3:30 PDT, 6:30 EDT. You are all invited to come to this conference. I am asking for a donation of $12 to help support our work, but let me know if this is a hardship and you can come as our guests.

Blessings and Love to you. May you feel the powerful new foundations you are building within you through your Anusthan, and let them be anchored in the sacred mountain.

Namaste, Shanta

And now your message for today from Archangel Gabriel.

A Message from Archangel Gabriel for Day 3

of the Equinox Anusthan

Dear Ones,

We are moving forward to Equinox and you are beginning to be aware of the planting requirements for the Garden of your Soul. In this time of perfect Balance you know clearly all that needs release from your life. You have been lightening the load of old perceptions, assumptions and patterns of belief, enlightening all of that which is outdated and ready for refinement.

And now what is it you want to plant in its place? What will you bring to fruition in this new season? What is there within your heart that is asking for a new focus, expanded Freedom and more Love?

The new reality coming into Balance may look very different from what you previously imagined. Yet you can see the perfection, or if you cannot see it, you are certainly feeling it. And you are recognizing that equanimity comes with seeing the Big Picture.

The new levels of Joy and Peace growing in your heart are awakening from the focus on devotion to your spirit that you are experiencing in your daily practice. When you turn your attention to that which endures in life there is a quickening within your entire being. You may notice that you are becoming aware of aspects of yourself that you have questioned as true reality and you may be making choices about what will stay in your new garden.

The true core essence of your being is becoming ever more present to you through your spiritual practice. You are feeling the essential aspects of you – who you are, what is most important, what brings you peace. and all the other deep truths that give your life more meaning and purpose.

It is these clearly growing exalted qualities that you want to plant for the Garden of your Soul. These aspects are connected to your true divine essence, and this is the part of you receiving the blessings of this Equinox time.

You are giving yourself a gift as you turn to the nourishment of your spirit. Let the Beauty of this time fill your inner being with Light, and the Love within this Light enlighten every cell of your body, to feed you with nourishment that will stay with you throughout the year.

And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel
from Shanta Gabriel
March 17, 2017

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