Dear Ones,

Your commitment to your spiritual practice unleashed a powerful force of Intention into the Universe today. As a collective you opened new pathways of consciousness, you became one voice in the wilderness, one face in the mirror of Divine mind, all aligned within the pure Empowerment of Balance. All this comes to you as you begin the Anusthan for Equinox on this day.

It is a moment of pure commitment to your spirit. A time where all worldly concerns are put aside and your focus on the Divine takes precedent. Only Good can come from this empowered focus. Let yourself receive from this time you have given to your Soul’s Highest Reality.

For this precious moment your life is on hold – suspended between Heaven and Earth in perfect Balance and Equanimity. You turn the reins of your life path to the Divine to bring forth the True Grace that is your birthright as a child of God, Goddess, All That Is.

In this sacred practice you are acting from Faith, with no expectations, just trusting in a process that feels right for you in your heart.

As you do this you are creating a new model for your life, releasing fear, and extending your hands to be held and led by the Angels of Light. All of the Heavens rejoice in your trust in this spiritual practice that you have chosen to do for all beings and for the Earth herself. The heart of the Mother of the Earth rejoices in your love and commitment to Balance on this sweet planet.

The beauty of your dedication raises the frequencies of the Earth as you allow yourself to be uplifted by a ritual older than time. The practice of devotion to the spirit creates a sacred vessel within your heart that is forever held in the Grace and Sweetness of God’s Love.

The Grace that flows to you from your commitment to your spiritual practice allows you to be blessed by Life Itself because your dedication is recognized and honored. Allow the strangeness of this new process to be there without judgment.

Bless all that you do with the ever-present intention of Balance and Renewal, and trust that this Anusthan carries with it the grace of the master yogis. This is a gift to you from the magnitude of the thousands of years and millions of hours of spiritual practice, enhanced by the pure faith of thousands of beings who have given their lives to the Divine Presence through spiritual communion.

You are now in the flow of this great River of Divine Life. Let it guide your way and know you are blessed.

Archangel Gabriel
from Shanta Gabriel
March 15, 2017



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