The Equinox Anusthan

A Spiritual Practice to Welcome the Power of Balance and Renewal.

Join this sacred gathering from March 15 to March 25!


Please Join Me for this

Sacred Spiritual Practice


Imagine what the world would be like if Balance thrived within all beings everywhere! I will hold that vision with you as I invite you to join me with other dedicated souls to anchor the sacred presence of Balance and Renewal on the Earth in celebration of Equinox.

I am offering you a powerful spiritual practice that will raise your vibrational frequencies and transform your life by fortifying the Divine Light frequency of Balance within you and on the Earth.

This is an introduction to a concept that is probably new for most westerners, but can be a powerful balm for the intensity of daily life. An Anusthan is a dedicated spiritual practice that we do as a group for a specific period of time.

My guru taught me this practice, which has been used for centuries to empower and celebrate holy days and moments of spiritual importance.

Over the years an Anusthan has always given me a boost and fortifies me with spiritual strength. We will be filling our inner tank with sacred fuel of Balance for the year ahead.

I will begin our Anusthan on March 15 for a dedicated period through March 25. Each day for eleven days, we will each sit in sacred space and raise our frequencies in spiritual practice. If you do not want to commit to 11 days, you can choose 3, 5, 7 or 9 days. If possible however it would be best to join the group for all 11 days for maximum spiritual activation.

Your Anusthan need only take you from 10-30 minutes per day. You decide how much time you can dedicate in your daily schedule. Because of the power of the dedication of the group energy, all that we do is exponentially magnified by the spiritual dedication of this practice.

We have an opportunity at this time of Equinox to anchor the presence of Balance and Renewal on to the Earth. As each of us holds this quality of consciousness, our energy systems anchor the frequencies on to the Earth. We are also radiating this empowered energy of Balance out into the world.

My intention is that you will feel the presence of Balance working in your body and in every area of your life. As we anchor this frequency we set a balancing field within our beings that acts as a gyroscope to bring us back into Balance whenever we have drifted away.

Every day of our practice I will send you an email with a message from Archangel Gabriel. I may also include a message from me letting you know what affects the Anusthan is having in my life. Usually other people are having the same experience in an amazing synchronous way.

There is no charge for this practice, but I am asking for a love offering to cover the technical expenses involved in offering this practice in the world.

Please join us and anchor the presence of Balance and Renewal in your own life as well as for the Wellbeing of the Earth and all humanity.

In Peace and Balance,


Upon registration, you will receive a beautiful guide in PDF format to download. The Anusthan Guidelines booklet includes instructions for:

  • Creating an Intention for the Day
  • Traditional Guidelines Regarding Spiritual Practice
  • Information About Creating a Sacred Space
  • An Every Day Sample Practice
  • Mantra Yoga (a sacred sound vibration that will raise your frequency)
  • Mantras and Phrases Suggestions (English & Sanskrit)
  • Walking Mantras
  • Two Advanced Mantras for Abundance and for the Welfare of All Beings

I will transmit an initiation to you for the mantras during my practice. In addition, you will receive a message from Archangel Gabriel each day of our Anusthan. You can also contact me if you have any comments or questions.

To join this wonderful group in spiritual practice and receive the Anusthan Guidelines booklet, please donate at one of the suggested levels below:

Equinox Anusthan 2017
Equinox Anusthan 2017
Donations start at $7. Please enter the amount you wish to donate in "Your Price."
Donation Guide:
I want to do it! - $7
This is great! - $11
Count Me In! - $17
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Sensational!- $33
Sign Me Up! - $44
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Wouldn't Miss It! - $77
Love It! - $99
Wow, Pay it Forward! - $111
Price: $7.00
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May this empowered spiritual practice bless you with great Renewal and Balance in every area of your life!



Shanta Gabriel - Mt Shasta California

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