Interesting Times

Embody Your Highest Soul’s Reality

  Now! to Ground your Soul’s Highest Reality… The 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal Teleconference Recording! Donations are Gratefully Accepted for this Empowering Conference. Click Here to Donate! Download the audio here: Every year on August 8 we have a potent opportunity to flood our Hearts as well as the Earth with Light! The Lion’s Gateway…

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Potent F Words for our Time

There have been some powerful F Words floating around my consciousness recently. Suddenly Fortitude has become my favorite word for what I need right now. I usually will check in with myself to see what energy frequency I need to bring into my field in any given moment. This gives me more awareness so I…

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April’s Escalator to New Life

Taking Your Gyroscope on the Road Dear Ones, Moving through April has been like stepping onto a vibrant, high-powered Cosmic Escalator. We have been required to release of hectic mental and physical activity with the willingness to let yourself be carried into an expanded awareness of the new life that is awakening on the Earth.…

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Archangel Gabriel about the US Election

Dear Ones, Now is the time for those who believe to let go of fear, and reach a hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light. Do not give up or withdraw from the world at this time. Even though you may need a moment of reconciliation, as soon as you…

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day in our busy lives. For this week’s issue, the card that was chosen inspires me to remember how important authenticity is to the world now. The Gabriel Message card for this…

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2014 – Chinese Year of the Horse

2014 – The Year of the Yang Wood Horse Jan 11, 2014 By Karen Abler Carrasco, WSFS Consultant, Mentor and Teacher The Western School of Feng Shui There might not be a bigger shift of energies in the entire 60 year wheel of Chinese astrology than this one coming up–the shift from two Water…

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