Archangel Gabriel

The Light of the Divine Feminine Working in Life Now

A New Message from Archangel Gabriel Dear Ones, The sacred presence of Divine Light is a resource that can be used on a daily basis to shift your consciousness and the reality in which you live. We are offering you teachings combining ancient wisdom with the highest frequencies of modern life moving into the 5th…

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Message from Archangel Gabriel – Spaciousness – 1/9/2017

Day 9 – New Year’s Anusthan The energy feels more scattered for me today. We have seen during this spiritual practice that whatever I have been experiencing, others are as well. If you are also feeling too diffuse, that means that this is a good time to pull yourself inward energetically, stay in Alignment and…

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Message from Archangel Gabriel – Earth Awakening – 1/8/2017

Day 8 – New Year’s Anusthan It felt like a powerful new world was awakening for me today in my Anusthan practice. The resonance of the LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKINOH BHAVANTU mantra felt so much stronger than ever before. After the message today from Archangel Gabriel, I am guessing that a tipping point occurred to empower…

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