Day 4 of the Equinox Anusthan


Note from Shanta: May I remember that my spiritual practice is an important grounding tool that will allow me to feel more empowered in the midst of change.




Dear Ones,

You are creating new foundations for your life during this powerful Equinox time. There is a new level of expansiveness that needs to be incorporated as a base of Wellbeing within you.

As you expand this foundational aspect of your life, you become very aware of unsettling elements that made you feel more vulnerable to the outer world. As they come into your awareness, these discordant qualities can then be grounded in the Earth around you and allow new structures of reality to be empowered. They become the compost that feeds the growth of your new structure.

When you claim the power of Wellbeing as a Base reality there is an expansion within your core alignment that inspires you to create a strong empowering connection from Heaven to Earth as a vertical alignment to bring into your base. This activates your root system with higher frequencies so that it spreads outward like the roots of a giant tree, anchoring your new reality into the Earth.

You have a home base now that is more flexible, that holds the frequencies of Wellbeing and enables you to feel the new structures you are building to house higher consciousness in your life. Once this connection is strong you can feel yourself letting go of contraction and expanding the energetic field around you allowing greater receptivity to that which is evolving in your life path.

With a base of Wellbeing, expanding your energy field can open you to refined frequencies that you need to bring greater Life Peace and Joy into your life, and all is well.

Archangel Gabriel
from Shanta Gabriel
March 18, 2017

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